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Full-length plays

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In 2011, fourteen teenage girls in high school in upstate New York suddenly developed Tourette's-like symptoms, or, as Ruth Graham called it, "rage against patriarchal cultures." This is their not-story.

Instead, this is our story, as told through Eve, Joan of Arc, Bubbe, and a group of "afflicted" cheerleaders as they navigate a world that diminishes, harms, and controls them while limiting their sexual autonomy and value as human beings. 

Sugar and spice...

One-act dramas

Paradise: Scenes from A Purity Anti-Manifesto for Stage

A mother and daughter have "the talk;" an assimilated American Jew recalls the event that started her family's generational trauma; and Adam and Eve meet and firmly entrench the subjugation of all women. Somehow, they are all connected.

(4 females, 1 male)

Field Guide to the North American Osprey

On a March morning, a grieving couple waits for the migratory return of the osprey  to the St. Mary's River for the nesting season.

(1 woman, 1 man)

Life on Mars

A lesbian fugitive spends her final ten minutes on Earth waiting in shackles to board the last penal transport to Mars.

(1 lesbian, 1 woman, 1 male or female cop)


A mother in prison seeks refuge in an imaginary place filled with self-defined beauty when pushed to confront the chilling memories of her relationship with her transgender child.

(2 women, 1 FTM who transitions on stage)

Who's Afraid of a Hot Tin Roof?

Four actors playing Martha, George, Brick, and Maggie simultaneously take the stage at the start of two different plays. As the actors vie for control of the stage and the limelight, they each begin to reveal themselves--not as their characters, but as human beings. 

(2 women, 2 men)

Midnight Things

James and Victoria examine the betrayal that pushed their marriage past the brink.

(1 woman, 1 man)

comedy shorts

woman: revised

Four dictionary definitions attempt to literally find their meaning and their place in the dictionary, as Woman herself struggles to hold onto her identity in a changing world filled with revision. 

(4 women, 1 male)

The Raging Hags

A has-been band of female caped crusaders meet at the annual Women's Auxiliary Committee of Super Heroes where they must decide whether or not to expand their heroic exploits beyond the usual American iconography and defend women and girls everywhere.

(4 female caped crusaders, 1 tomboy sidekick)


A group of religious, sign-wielding protesters unintentionally invoke the interest of God. 

(1 woman, 2 men)