Playwright Poet



Why don't you put that dirty little thing away already? It's not right to spend so much time with bugs.  ---Barb

woman: revised

But our written unit was pure clarity. We were an absolute perfection of linguistic form. Everyone knew what we meant. Why, we were one of Mr. Webster's favorites.  ---Woman

Midnight Things

And that's the truth of monkeys. The honest ones always end up ripping someone's face off.  ---James


It's worse than a baboon. The red part. When they turn around and bend over.  We have that. I'm sorry. But it's time you knew. It's what they see. Boys. Even when you have your clothes on. That's why grown men rape children.  ---Mrs.

Life on Mars

Human. We have that in common--you know? We share that much.  ---Fugitive

Who's Afraid of a Hot Tin Roof?

Because it's one of those kinds of nights when the train has left the station, but the wheels can't hold onto the track.  ---George