Trish Cole
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Tomboy is a poetic examination of growing up girl in the 1970s. Written in 154 lyrical narrative shorts, the work weaves together Trish's childhood memories, a surprising love story, and the return and recovery of the North American osprey from near extinction. Ultimately, it is an exquisite literary confrontation of Trish's own preconceived notions about gender, social construct, love, and personal identity.

The first draft of the manuscript was a 2011 Bakeless Literary Prize finalist under its working title, The Love Parade

#87. Brain Water

She used to tell me things about her husband, things I didn't want to know, things I didn't want to hear, but she had to talk. Talk, talk, talk as if the two of us together had poked a hole in her overstuffed bag of thoughts, and the words kept pouring out like brain water.

#32. High School

Carrie Brand grabbed my arm in the social studies hallway. "You look like a guy the way you're carrying your books."

So I corrected myself, rounded my shoulders, took the texts off my right hip and cupped them to my breasts like the other girls.

I learned to be pretty.

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